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Silicon Carbide Tube

Additional information



Outer Diamerter

Up to 800mm


Up to 2000mm

Wall Thickness

Down to 5mm


Dry-pressing, Isostatic-presssing


Reaction Bonded/Pressureless


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Product Details:

Silicon carbide ceramics have the best oxidation resistance among carbides, but between 1000-1400°C, the oxidation rate of SiC in the air is higher. The volume resistivity of silicon carbide does not change much in the range of 1000-1500°C. With their good chemical stability, high mechanical strength, and thermal shock resistance. Silicon carbide wafers are frequently applied in the semiconductor, solar photovoltaic industries.

SiC material properties:

Composite (wt %) SiSiC/RBSiC SSiC
Color   Black Black
Density g/cm3 3.02 3.15
Hardness HRA 20 28
Flexural Strength Mpa(psi*103 ) 250 380
Gas Permeability   0 0
Water Absorption % 0 0
Thermal Shock Resistance °C
Thermal Expansion ×10-6/℃ 4.5 4
Dielectric Constant,20°C 1MHz
Dielectric loss, tanδ 1MHz 2×1014 2×1014
Volume Resistivity,20℃ Ω·cm 102-108 102-108
Dielectric Strength,DC Ω·cm >10
Compressive Strength KV/mm 3900 3900
Fracture Toughness MPa( psi * 103) 4 4
Poisson’s Ratio MPa 0.14 0.14
Thermal conductivity W/mK 45 120


Silicon Carbide Ceramic Tube


Sintered Silicon Carbide and Reaction Bonded Silicon Carbide

Available Color:



High-Heat Resistance.Excellent Wear-Resistance.


Size Customized, according to customer’s drawing, OEM.


Technical ceramic.Advanced ceramic.Silicon Carbide ceramic.


  • With the large outside diameter and inner diameter options, we can reach the largest length to 4000mm and outside diameter to 250mm
  • Excellent Heat-Resistance
  • Vairous Delivery Options
  • 19 more Years Advanced Ceramics Experience
  • Fast Delivery
  • Sample projects available
  • Free Molding Charge


Carton+Palletize,Carton,bubble paper inside,Wooden Box.Pls let us know if you have any special requirements.

Producing Methods:

Pressureless and Reaction Bonded Sintering.

Up to ±0.02mm, as customer’s drawing or OEM.


According to customer’s requirements.

Packaging and Delivery


  • Standard: Paper wooden boxes.
  • Special: Pls let us know if you have any special requirements.

      Lead time:

  • For sample orders: We usually can finish them in 20 days.
  • Mass Production: The best lead time for mass-production could be in 30 days.


    Transportation options:

  • By Air Express (Door to door)

The time limit is very fast (usually will arrive in 5-7 days )and you do not need to pick up the goods by yourself.

           Freight charge: higher.

  • By Air Transportation

The time limit is very fast (usually will arrive in 7-12 days) and you need to pick up the goods from the airport by yourself.

           Freight charge: cheaper than air express.

  • By Sea

The time limit is slow and you need to pick up the goods from the destination port by yourself.

            Freight charge: cheapest.

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