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Silicon carbide ceramic has the best oxidation resistance among carbides, but between 1000°-1400°, the oxidation rate of SiC in the air is higher. Silicon carbide ceramics have good chemical stability, high mechanical strength, and thermal shock resistance.
The volume resistivity of silicon carbide does not change much in the range of 1000°-1500°. Using this feature can be used as a resistance heating element material. Silicon carbide is widely used in various industrial fields, petroleum, laser, heat treatment, and microelectronics industries.

Material Properties

Composite(wt %)SiSiC/RBSiC
Flexural StrengthMpa(psi*103 )250
Gas Permeability0
Water Absorption%0
Thermal Shock Resistance°C
Thermal Expansion×10-6/℃4.5
Dielectric Constant,20°C1MHz
Dielectric loss, tanδ1MHz2×1014
Volume Resistivity,20℃Ω·cm102-108
Dielectric Strength,DCΩ·cm>10
Compressive StrengthKV/mm3900
Fracture ToughnessMPa( psi * 103)4
Poisson’s RatioMPa0.14
Thermal conductivityW/mK45


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