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19 Years Advanced Ceramics Experience
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We strictly control the appearance and size before each product is delivered.
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Featured Products

Our capability can reach your various requirements include washers, tubes, rods, rings, wafers, beams, screws, sleeves, spacers, nozzles, insulators, ceramic plates, ceramic custom parts, etc. 

Our Services

CNC Machining Center

Dry Pressing
Multiple Sintering
Isostatic Pressing


Fine Grinding

Polishing and Bead Blast

Precision Cleaning and Refurbishment

Testing and Analyzing

Integrated Processing Line


CNC Machining Center

High precision, rigidity and choose favorable processing amount and high productivity

Dry Pressing

High production efficiency, short suitable for large-scale industrial production.

Multiple Sintering

According to customer’s designs to select different sintering methods.

Isostatic Pressing

800mm diameter, wide application range can reach various size requirements.


We strictly control the appearance and size before each product is delivered.

Fine Grinding

The surface grinder is very suitable for plates and other products that require overall surface reduction, and the efficiency is very high.

Know About Us

19 Years Of Experience In Advanced Ceramics Manufacturer

“Quality is produced, not by testing out”


understand the advanced ceramics

Advanced ceramics have been admired and attracted people’s attention with its elegance and class

almost from its beginnings. Nowadays, it shows us its tough character. It beguiles with new

qualities, not only those aesthetic ones but mainly with those related to its functions,

durability, and performance. It is gradually becoming useful in responding to significant

challenges faced by the contemporary world. Once coded in cultural and social

dimensions, it opens a wide spectrum of technological codes nowadays. New technologies

of ceramics production are followed by strong supporters of modern technologies who are

well acquainted with the virtual world of unreal and futuristic objects and spaces.


SENCER PRECISION CERAMICS is ISO9001:2015 certified factory, as a result of our high-quality products and outstanding customer service, we have gained a global sales network reaching the USA, Spain, Germany, India, Korea, France, UK, etc.

We provide extremely large, mini, thin ceramic components and all kinds of precision tolerances.

What our clients say!

Industries We Serve

Advanced technical ceramics are becoming more and more popular to be used in the medical appliance industry due to their property of innocuous and environment-friendly and high performance of corrosion and abrasive resistance.

Available Materials: High Purity Alumina and High Purity Zirconia.

Advanced technical ceramics have excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and heat resistance as well. they are widely applied in the petrochemical industry, such as Oil nozzles, Grinding parts, and other Custom ceramic parts.

Available Materials: Alumina, Zirconia, and Steatite.

Advanced technical ceramic components have abrasion, heat and corrosion resistance, excellent vacuum sealing, and heat dissipation decide that they can be used in the application environment of Auto & Vessel.

Available Materials: Silicon Carbide, High Purity Alumina, and Zirconia.

Advanced technical ceramics with their excellent abrasive, corrosion and heat resistance and electrical insulating to be the most widely used in producing both precision segments and large mechanical parts which are applied in the solar photovoltaic and semiconductor industries.

Available Materials: Silicon Carbide, High Purity Alumina, and Zirconia.



We Are Here To Help You With Any Questions You May Have

We’re factory with ISO 9001:2015 certified!

We’re specializing in materials of Alumina, Zirconia and Silicon Carbide ceramic parts over 19 years.

Yes, generally, we will be supervised by specific inspectors during the production process, instead of letting the operators inspect by themselves, which it will be difficult to find the problems.

We will provide you the inspection report with sizes and appearances before all parts are dispatching.

Yes, each batch of products has material lot number, as we serve the medical industry as well, so we have strict control over materials

If the machining tools wear are indicated by the system, it is mainly the cumulative use time for the machine and equipment. We usually also combine with manual record, not just indicated by system. For example, if a tool has service life of 100 hours of processing, the recorded cumulative use time reaches 95 hours, the tools will be replaced.

We have always attached great importance to after-sale service. Firstly, we have confidence that the quality for this pin won’t have problems with our much experience,  but if there are problems occurred, we will fully cooperate to solve it.

For the raw materials, we will first make samples for each batch of raw materials, and regular numerical tests are preformed according to the material parameters which provided by the raw materials vendor.



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