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Sintered Silicon carbide ceramics have the best oxidation resistance among carbides, but between 1000-1400°C, the oxidation rate of SiC in the air is higher. The volume resistivity of silicon carbide does not change much in the range of 1000-1500°C. Using this feature can be used as a resistance heating element material. Silicon carbide is widely used in various industrial fields, petroleum, laser, heat treatment, and microelectronics industries.

Material Properties

Composite(wt %)SSiC
Color Black
Flexural StrengthMpa(psi*103 )380
Gas Permeability 0
Water Absorption%0
Thermal Shock Resistance°C
Thermal Expansion×10-6/℃4
Dielectric Constant,20°C1MHz
Dielectric loss, tanδ1MHz2×1014
Volume Resistivity,20℃Ω·cm102-108
Dielectric Strength,DCΩ·cm
Compressive StrengthKV/mm3900
Fracture ToughnessMPa( psi * 103)4
Poisson’s RatioMPa0.14
Thermal conductivityW/mK120

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